Address: 1 Vikend naselje Morak st., Stojnik, Kosmaj
Phone: 011/8260-005, 063/200-356
E-mail: office@centarizvor.com
Website: www.centarizvor.com

At 40 km from Belgrade, on the border of Stojnik Babe, near Sopot is a Health Center Source. The center is located in a natural environment, the "wind rose" to keep clean mountain air. It is a restaurant boarding house, with specific content, which means a return to nature and healthy lifestyle.

Bearing in mind that the modern lifestyle elements loaded with a negative impact on mental and physical health of a person, a resource center provides its users with a valuable opportunity to mitigate or even undo the negative consequences of the programs that they make available. In this way, users are given the opportunity to help preserve their physical and mental health, and the healing process and recovery. The primary purpose of the Center is to help people who are under treatment for serious illnesses.

Since all of the negative impacts eliminated or reduced to a minimum, created the ideal conditions for people who are being treated for serious illnesses, especially after the airport or chemotherapy. Center provides and stay healthy individuals seeking to maintain their health. Special program for a short time the body is achieved by treatment of triglycerides, free radicals and other toxins. In our country observed a large increase in cancer, autoimmune, cardiovascular and other diseases, and the opening of such a facility is invaluable.

Please note that the center is not a hospital-type, but a place where nature gives its healing power.


During the construction and equipping of the center, special attention was paid to the materials used and the choice of the place where the facility is located. In this sense, the use of natural materials or made protection from harmful radiation, both technological, as well geopathogenic. In this way it is created not only comfortable and cozy, but also extremely healthy living space.

How to reach us

Resource center is 45 km from Belgrade, Avala between Kosmaja in Sopta.
Source to the Center can be reached Avala road to Jaws, followed by a pump off, Babe and Stojnik.
Highway Belgrade-Nis highway, off, Sopot tollgates Mali Pozarevac over Djurinac to Sopot, in the center of Sopot on the scoreboard right to Stojnik and Babe.

From Belgrade via Barajeva, Lisovici the Babe to Stojnik.

Exclusion of the Ibar highway from the direction of Lazarevca Crnjana through Mirosaljaca, Sibnic, lengths, arriving in Stojnik.

Bus Transportation
With Lasta Belgrade station, bus Stojnik.