Address: 1 Sremska st., Stari grad
Phone: 011/3626-017
Fax: 011/3626-117
HOTEL EVROPA Hotels Belgrade

Hotel Europe - Belgrade

In the ambiance of the old city core, in one of he buildings that have stood in Belgrade for almost a century back, adding to its charm and status, you will find Europe hotel.

The entrance in the building is located at 1 Sremska street as though it's a border of a new and other world where the in the best European manner we bring together comfort and beauty, traditional and modern, design and functionality, take care of the smallest details with the latest in technique. The creation was made so that everyone can feel special stepping inside. Synthesis of luxury and perfection.

The world for the selected, for the people who aren't just passers by in life and the best of all it's within your reach.

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