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Address: 6 Velje Miljkovica st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 064/0756-977, 064/3389-556

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Best finish provides a cleaning service and maintenance for business, production and storage areas for different applications quickly and efficiently.

Our friendly and professional staff will do their best to fulfill all your wishes and respect the time you have.

Company's main activities include:

- Professional cleaning and hygiene for business premises
- Professional cleaning and hygiene for apartments
- Professional cleaning and hygiene for houses
- Professional cleaning and hygiene for buildings

Best Finish offers a daily cleaning service to facilities which includes daily cleaning and maintenance of your workspace, the classic work of hygienists.

This type of cleaning is carried out in accordance with your requirements, and at a time that suits your needs.

In his work Best finish uses high quality equipment and disinfectants and cleaning.

The funds that we use are characterized by exceptional efficiency, while not polluting the environment or endanger human health.

With the desire to justify your trust and to mutual satisfaction continue the initiated cooperation, cleaning and mainte- nance business, production and storage spaces perform at the highest level.

What distinguishes us apart from the competition and are excellent results, as well as a large number of satisfied customers.

Price list Best Finish Agency for cleaning and maintenance:

- With our means 500 din / h
- With client assets 350 din / h
- To maintain offices, buildings, offices, rough and final cleaning negotiable.

All additional information about our services, cleaning and maintenance please call:

Tanja 064 / 0756-977
Anita 064/3389-556 ">E-mail address:

Best Finish, Zemun, Belgrade.