International cuisine Belgrade

Address: 18a Bulevar Oslobodjenja st. (Bulevar JA)
Belgrade Phone: 011/264-1944, 264-2439, 361-6730, 065/2641-944 (fax)361-6720

4/ 5stars

Franš is the symbolic promenade in Belgrade. It is a place to show off your new love, outfit, a place to celebrate birthdays, political victories, straight A's and do business. In all the previous years that have flooded Belgrade with despair and excitement, varying fashion and flavours, Fransh tore down all prejaudice and became a firsclass spot for social life, the place where Belgrade goes out, the place where those who went far away return.

Frensh it is that feeling that the life in Belgrade is actually nice, that the people are wonderful that life and beauty have never left this city even in the darkest moments. Fransh is about children's menus and toys and even bibs, it's about many photos on th ewalls, it is the fountain in the garden which reminds people of Paris and fans which are reminiscent of tropical location. Frensh is that place which hasn't spent a dime on advertising, but its good reputation has spread by word of mouth for over 30 years. Warm atmosphere, constant mood to celebrate life, great food, welcoming feeling, scent of elegance and fine perfume, being relaxed among your own people, it is the place incomparable to any other in Belgrade for all these years.

Reservations are desirable.

Working hours: 11AM - 12AM

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