Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 28 Bistricka st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 065/450-6119, 011/729-0070

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Kindergarten Panda is a family nursery that offers the warmth of a family home, with the desire to have your child feel happy, snug and safe at home. In our kindergarten at Bistrička 28 in Palilula for all kids, we offer the best conditions, the healthiest of foods, most professional educators and quality programs.

Multifunctional space kindergarten Panda, which occupies two floors, is fully adapted for children and makes their stay in our kindergarten unique and entertaining. The kindergarten has a large terrace and garden, where your child has the opportunity to spend their best days growing up. At only 20 meters from kindergarten Panda is a large park in which to organize classes in nature.
In a warm and friendly atmosphere kindergarten Panda, with your toddler has trained teachers, with the help of a speech therapist, a psychiatrist and educator. Kindergarten program involves working with children ages 1 to 6 years, and the children were divided into four groups:
• -Nursery- Bubamarica -Children ages 1 to 3 years
• -Butterflies-children aged 3 to 4
• -Ducklings- children aged 4 to 5 years
• -Pandas - children aged 5 to 6 years

According to the basic principles in the development of nursery-age children, the main task of working with children is to preserve physical health, stimulating the development of the movement, mastering motor skills, encouraging holistic sensory and perceptual development, and to develop habits of personal hygiene, eating and urinating and defecating.
In working with children aged two to six years encourages exploring and discovering one's own personality, developing relationships and gaining experience and knowledge of others, and exploring the world around them and ways of acting on it.
All groups in our nursery are small and comprise of five to ten children, depending on age, so that every educator can fully dedicate your child. All kids whose parents have a lot of work ability-day stay in our kindergarten.

In kindergarten Panda every child is involved in numerous programs and activities that are included in the base price of kindergartens, such as:
- Hopscotch sport aikido, ballet, zumba and corrective vežbice,
- School of art
- English
With the possibility of additional activities such as:
- Swimming
- acting
- skating
- French language
In the paper, with qualified teachers oraginizuju daily special workshops:
- Creative workshops
- Singing days-learn songs
- Up to mathematics
- The world around us
- Dramatic
- Constructive games
- Exploring the natural and social environment-classes in the park

In addition to participating in numerous programs, kids have enough time for leisure and enjoyment in growing the game with your vršanjacima.

During the day, all children in kindergarten Panda have four meals: breakfast, fruit, lunch, and dinner. Our menu is tailored to children, includes everything that is necessary for proper growth and development of your children and created in cooperation with a nutritionist.
All members of our nursery, as well as those outside it, a possibility birthday parties. In our playrooms kids can enjoy their happiest day and have a good fun with the entertainment, clowns and magicians.
For additional information on the registration of members or the birthday celebration of our birthday celebrations, you can get from:

Opening hours vrića Panda:
Monday - Friday from 07h-19h