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Bookstore Magellan's unique place on the map of Belgrade, because it offers a large choice of selected Antiquarian books in English, and Serbian. Bookstore located in the heart of the witch, between Makenzijeva and Njegoševe streets, three hundred paces from the Slavia.

Bookstore Magellan's exclusive dealer MAGELAN PRESS publishing house that publishes valuable books in the field of travel writing, biography, military history and humanistic traditions. Published over twenty titles, while the oldest published manuscript dates from the early fourteenth century.
In addition to great deals antiquarian books and our publications, we also purchase and preserved books from the personal library (history, philosophy, psychology, religion).
From our antiquarian program includes the following:

1 Fiction in English - part of Shakespeare, Dickens, Jane Austen, Graham Greene, Faulkner, Hemingway and all the major classical writers of English literature ...
2 CV Picasso, Lennon, Nijinsky, Churchill, Prince Charles, Lenin, Che Guevara, Stalin, Tito, Putin, Magellan, Pele, Mel Gibson and many others that have marked the world ...
3 Travel - Travel motor with Charlie Borman and actor Ewan McGregor through Central Asia, learn about conquering ventures Scott and Amundsen, have Naipaul discovers India and Paul Tero Patagonia - travel the whole world with our books
4 Rare antiquarian books step into the world of books from the nineteenth century and in the period before World War II - the world H.Dž. Wales, Jovan Ristic, Neil Popova, Milos Zecevic, Felix Kanitz, Stojan Novakovic and others. Serbian history in the best possible light.
5 Monographs - Caravaggio, Vermeer, Goya, Michelangelo, Rubens and Dali; Spain, Montenegro, Maribor, Prague, Sahara. Valuable book did not have any.
6 Various genres - visit us and if you want to know more about the old style furniture, services, CIA, KGB, Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, ballet, birds, jazz, bonsai, pirates, cowboys, formula 1, garden landscaping - everything read this in English.
7 Professional literature for students anglistike and those who are learning English - Collins and Oxford dictionaries and grammar books on the techniques of learning, reading and writing, anthologies of American and English literature, literary criticism
8 Literary criticism in Serbian - Vinko Vitezica, Peter Džadžić, John academicians theory of domestic and foreign literature.

If you do not have a book you're looking for, we will search for you.

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