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Address: 4 Cetinjska st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 011/3340-142, 064/4848-146
E-mail: spiritusmovens@eunet.rs
Website: www.spiritus-movens.com

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Spiritus movens agency began work in 2007.
The focus of our agency involves personal and professional growth and development through various coaching and educational training programs. We specialize in wingwave coaching.

By applying modern and accredited coaching methods we offer professional and general life coaching to our clients, leading them through personal and professional growth and development to achieve the best results and success.

We are the only accredited Magic Words trainers which involves stress-removal, mental blockage, limiting beliefs. In addition we specialize in autogen training following the Schultz method.

We are unique in applying quantum harmonization, the scientifically acknowledged method based on quantum physicss for balancing your entire organism and harmonize everything in your surroundings without using technology.

Our educational trainings are highly motivational, innovative, tested with active participants in our creative workshops and active application of obtained knowledge and skills.

Specially graded courses and expert meetings are accredited with Serbia's Health Committee for licensing physicians, pharmacists and mid-level medical staff.

We are certified and accreditted according to the highest European standards by: "International Association of NLP Institutes" - Germany, “International Association of Coaching Institutes” – Germany and “Besser-Siegmund Institut” - Germany,DVNLP, ICI and IN.

We also offer Reiki treatments as well as preparation of special, original and English Bach drops.

All methods, individual treatments and educations do not aid treatment, treat or prevent any illnesses. They have a purely educative and informative nature and help with overall mental balance. If you have health problems, you should speak to your doctor.

Dr Vesna Danilovac life&business coach is a coach licensed by the International Coaching Institute in Berlin, the wingwave coach from the Institute Besser-Segmund from Hamburg, NLP rainer DVNLP, accreditted trainer for "Magic Words", teacher at Autogenig trainer after Schultz, the first doctor Reiki therapist in Serbia, practitioner of Theta healing and quantum harmonization and Bach drops.