Address: 8b Senjska st., Zemun
Phone: 011/7168-743, 063/264-229
INVAR Locksmiths shop Belgrade

Company INVAR has exist since 1993. Since then we produce different kinds of fences, gates, furniture and other products from strike iron. We are doing models from Italian catalogs or by your demand or sketch. With producing gates there is a possibility of built in equipment for remote control opening. EMBELLISH YOUR SPACE WITH OUR PRODUCTS Visit us, check and look. Our biggest advantage is efficient and production quality. You can contact us through E-mail: We are trying to be creative to opinion of many we succeeding in it. Check for yourself. Exceptional choice of fences for small and big teracces. We are in business of producing interior stairway fences. Innovation in our business is sale of elements from strike iron. Possibility of production more than 3000 different items.