Masage Belgrade

Address: 20b Ljubicka st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3985-168, 064/5660-359, 011/3985-168

4/ 5stars

We do all types of massages: relaxation, partial, anti-stress, anti-cellulite, sports, etc.., At very reasonable prices.

RELAX MASSAGE: Try the wonderful feeling of relaxation massage on your skin, this massage nourishes, revitalizes, awakens vitality and restores harmony throughout the body.
Relaxation massage works on the mind and senses through our fragrant oils as aromatherapy.

PARTIAL MASSAGE: A Partial massage focuses on individual parts of the body eg. back, arms, legs, stomach, head.
Performed at the request of a client who wants to be a part of the body being massaged and takes 30 min.

Antistress massage: Massage selected, vegetable oils, including whole body, face and head massage feet, to reduce the psycho-physical tension, improve vitality, remove stress and tension in the muscles.

Anti-cellulite massage: Anti-cellulite massage cellulite act to induce labor lymph circulation, removes excess fluid, essential oils destroy the fatty deposits that accumulate unevenly (orange peel appearance). Massage the act of "breaking" the fat cells.

SPORTS MASSAGE: applied before, during or after an intense workout or competition. The goal of sports massage is to quickly and efficiently remove all the harmful and wished consequences arising from increased psychological and physical efforts of athletes.