Address: 16 Kneza Paskaca st, Batajnica
Phone: 011/787-03-48, 787-03-49, 787-00-24, 848-71-17
TRICOM Metal equipment Belgrade

TIN WORK We have: Galvanized, Copper, Plastificated, Aluminum and prochrome tins, in panels, spools, tin cutting from rolls to wanted tapes - developing of tin profiles up to 7.05m long (gutters, veter battens, round, rectangular) - trapezium tin for covering roof constructions - tin fancy goods LOCKSMITHERY - PIPES Hvl, precise welded pipes, hot rolled, hydro tested, construction pipes Fircunts, electrodes, cutting boards, griffed platting... MOUNTS Door knobs, cylinders, bolts, and many more from the Bane Sekulic product line - Tin cutting up to 13mm, bending - deformation up to 10mm for 3m lenght SCREW GOODS Machine screws, tin screws, chip wood screws, pop rivets, metal tipls, drills, rivets... DEWALT TOOLS - professional American tools BLACK & DECKER - semi professional tools VARSTROJ - welding tools STANLEY - manual professional tools PIRANHA - help kit