Address: 34i Karadjordjev trg st., Zemun
Phone: 063/1846-713, 064/4029-569
MOTO SERVICE Motors, equipments, services Belgrade

Our vehicle service Moto service is located at 34i Karadjordje square in Belgrade. We have existed and worked for over 15 years and with years of experience we can handle any problem you are experiencing with your motorcycle. As a certified service for motorcycles and Chinese scooters we can offer you the best possible servicing for the Japanese motorcycles from Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.

In one place we offer a broad selection of services:
- Motorcycle service
- Mechanics and electronics
- Metalwork and paintwork for motorcyles
- Computer diagnostics for motorcycles
- Tire services for motorcycles.

As one of the leading services in Belgrade for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha vehicles as well as Chinese scooters we can help you resolve any kind of problem you're experiencing with your motorcycles. We aim to improve the safety in traffic and your enjoyment while riding your motorcycle. With precise and detailed computer diagnostics of all kinds of motorcycles we can easily establish where the malfunction occured and approach the repair of your vehicle.

We offer all kinds of spare parts such as:

- Filters
- Fuses
- Chains
- Tires from various manufacturers
- Stickers
- Protective stickers for fuel tanks 
- Stickers for motorycles
- Specific spare parts for all types of motorcycles
- Belts for motorcycles
- Complete gear clutch systems for motorcyles
- Plates for motorcycles 
- Discs for motorcycles
- Shock absorption and homokinetic joints for motorcyles
- Break systems for motorcyles
- Original and non-original parts (oil, filters, fuses) at best prices at our service.

Contact info:
34i Karadjordje square
Mobile: 063/1846-713, 064/4029-569