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Photo wallpaper or as they are also known, wall murals or photo murals, images are large format composed of parts, unlike conventional wall paper sold in rolls.

In Serbia, production and printing wallpaper photo already has a long tradition. This is primarily related to the motive of nature and landscapes, urban images such as New York, Brooklin bridge, etc.


Beautify your room where you spend the most beautiful moments. Enter the new color in your environment! Photo wallpapers are decorative detail that will completely change the look of your environment whether it be in your living room, bedroom, children's room, how much you have selected a picture, a few tips for finding good photos or illustrations by Google.

Printed and taped photo wallpaper become part of the ambience of your living and working spaces and must be harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

Design for creating and printing photo wallpaper, regardless of its origin (internet, personal photographs or our design) must meet the standards of quality printing large format.

This part of the preparation for the drafting and printing of photo-wallpaper is of the utmost importance for a good quality of the printed photo-wallpaper.

Creating and printing process of photo wallpapers with us is ecologically standardized, and as such can not harm human health nor the environment.

During the choice stage of design must be taken into account that the picture to be converted into photo-wallpaper must be a minimum resolution of 2Mpix (megapixels).

If you have a problem with the selection of images for your photo wallpaper, you can have help from our designer for free.
We can help you select the desired photo in a good resolution of your photo wallpapers.

On the Internet, you have a myriad of motives to select the desired photo wallpaper. ">1. Go to
2. Select the top of the page Images (option for image search)
3. Enter the text or the name that you want to get results, eg. "New York panorama", then -> Enter
4. Immediately below the fields in which you enter text, select "Search tools"
5. opens up another part of the options on which the left says "Size". Click on this option and select "More than 2 megapixels (MP)". eg.

Free set up of photo-wallpaper
Setting fototapeta printed with us we do not charge. Our team will be happy to meet your requirements for best positioning and integration of photo-wallpaper in your home or office

The cost of producing and printing photo-wallpaper
Price printing photo-wallpaper on the shiny or matte foil
1-3 m2 - 13 eur / m2
3-5 m2 - 12 eur / m2
6-10 m2 - 11 eur / m2
11-20 m2 - 9 eur / m2
20+ m2 - agreement

3d neon signs

3d neon signs are lately a very popular choice for commercial marking places of business, because it attracts attention and allow to stand out from the competition.

Production and installation of 3D neon signs

3D neon signs are a special form of advertising. Production of neon signs with 3D effect can be lexan, plexiglas, a 3D neon signs can be fabricated and combining stainless steel, Plexiglas, wood, brass etc. For neon lighting 3D advertising using LED modules of different colors, extremely energy efficient. The most effective form of 3D neon signs is perhaps the one where advertisements made from parts. In this case it is possible to create a part of the 3D neon signs from 3D letters with or without illumination, and the other part can be done in any other way with light or vice versa.

As with other types of neon signs, we recommend that these types of lighting neon signs performed using LEDs because of their durability and low power consumption.
As for ordinary neon signs, and provide installation and connection of 3D neon signs on the electrical grid.