Address: Beograd
Phone: 069/33-699-33
ORGANICBG DELIVERY Organic food Belgrade

OrganicBG delivery - we deliver organic food to your address

Address: Belgrade
+381 69 33 699 33

OrganicBg delivery originated from the desire and idea to make organic food more available and easier on those who use it, as well as offer a diverse selection of certified organically grown vegetable, fruits, grains and other products. All this carefully checked, packed and delivered to where you want it.

In our offer we have three weekly packages in three sizes so that everyone can pick the one that suits their needs. A package consists of ten products which were selected so that you can prepare enough meals for the entire week. In addition there is the option to substitute products in the package with others from the substitute list for that week without altering the price of the package.

The offer is changed weekly and follows the season. All the products are individually wrapped, declared (with the name and certificate number of the farm they came from). The delivery of the ordered package is on Saturdays in the agreed hour and if you would like to come and get it personally you can do so at Mixer house (46 Karadjordjeva street) where our stand is located.

At our website you can find all the information about us and our suppliers as well as the current packages offered for the week. You can also check out or blog for healthy and simple recipes and also many useful health-related tips in our news section, provided by our associate Dr. Slavica Stefanovic from Holistic medical offices. In addition you will also learn about the many events that our associates and friends organize such as Il Primo cooking school, Mixer house, Radisson Blu Old Mill hotel...

For us the biggest encouragement and the sign that we are doing the right thing is the fact that after two years of work we are still constantly gaining new happy customers.

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