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Address: 258 Vojvode Stepe st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/398-7772

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Ecovel company began work in Belgrade in 1999 as a unique center for correcting flat and lowered feet using the original method of professor Velimir Grujicic.

Today Ecovel centers for feet correction exist in all larger cities of Serbia and Ecovel methodology is applied in various countries of Europe and the world in cooperation with partners abroad. All our centers are equipped with the original equipment for measuring the foot arc for which Velimir Grujicic has recieved a golden medal and cup in Brussels at the Eureka patent exibition in 1998 and they apply the same methodology that corrects both birth and malformation defects.

Correction and elevation of flat and lowered feet is done gradually, painlessly and successfully thanks to specially adjusted orthopedic soles that correct the skeleton and prevent problems and pains in the back, hips and joints that can occur when the balance of the body is impaired.

Ecovel center is the holder of various gold and special awards that the founder and the autor of the "Stopalo za zdravlje" ("Foot for health"), Professor Velimir Grujicic has won in our global and national exibitions.