Address: 22 Vinogradska st., Surcin
Phone: 062/1444-876, 011/428-1691
E-mail: info@misonnydoghotel.com
Website: www.misonnydoghotel.com
MISONNY DOG HOTEL & SPA Pet salon, dog haircut Belgrade

Misonny dog hotel & spa is a newly opened dog hotel for small and medium dog breeds.

We are located near the Nikola Tesla airport and New Belgrade. Our concept is to make sure your pet feels at home in a pleasant and safe environment.

Misonny Dogs hotel and spa answers the following questions:

Do you want to go on vacation?
Need to take a business trip or go away for the weekend?
Have a meeting your can't postpone?
You don't have the time to walk your dog?

Or maybe your dog just loves company and playtime that you can't give at the moment?

Not to worry, our team is at your disposal! Leave your pet with us and our team of experts will know how to take care of your pet.

In addition to this we also offer Dog taxi services that will take on the responsibility of picking up your pet from your address with a suitable compensation. When picking up the dog, our vet will examine it for free. We organize everyday playtime, fun activities, socialization and spending time with other members.