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Address: 12 Zdravka Celara st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: 065/8311-023, 069/4311-023, 011/6973-777

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Pet shop Betty was opened in late 2014. The team that participated in this realization by little non-specific shop was a group of people whose common denominator is a love of animals.

We are located at Zdravko Celara street on Palilula in Belgrade. You will find us in a very attractive location in the city, close to Pioneer Hall, the city known as Karaburma. We must emphasize that we are in the short time made good contact with a significant number of pet owners in our immediate vicinity.

Every day we work to the quality of our products and services surpass your expectations and become your first and only choice when it comes to food, accessories and cosmetics for pets. As a great and sincere animal lovers and owners of the same, we know how much dedication, love and attention needed to be devoted inseparable friend all necessary nursing and care.

In one place we have prepared everything for your:
- dogs
- cats
- birds
- fish
- rodents
- Exotic animals

In addition to a wide range of food and equipment for pets, this action is also used to cuddling, playing and after that lunch every animal friend.

When it comes to equipment for pets in our pet shop you can find Beti:

- leashes
- collars
- cages
- baskets
- toys
- food containers
- pet clothing
- Hygiene

In addition to a complete range of pets Pet shop Betty can offer everything related to the aquarium:
- fish
- Food for fish
- accessories
- Finished Aquariums
We meet the wishes of customers for aquariums to taste.

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