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BEOPANAX D.O.O. Pharmacies Belgrade

BEOPANAX Ltd. Company Beopanax doo, Belgrade, is the latest version of the status of the company that created in 1997. Development path of the company followed the changes that allowed the width of the business. Beopanax Ltd. engaged mainly in trade, about 80% and producing about 20%. Beopanax Ltd. its activity is based on the import of finished products and raw materials and export their own products and re-export. The development follows the company in proportion to the increase in the number of employees. Full-time employees in Beopanax in a fifteen-five foreign associates. Beopanax Ltd. Belgrade, is a company whose business concept is based on the message: Health as a style. Beopanax aims to bring their fellow citizens and other customers unique products that provide quality of life. Beopanax Ltd. is the exclusive importer and distributor for Serbia and the former YU republics products manufacturer Swedish NATUMIN PHARMA, as well as products Mumia collection.
RETAIL The company is a herbal pharmacy SHAR, with all products imported from the program NATUMIN PHARMA and Mumia and other natural substances: - Teas Joseph Pancic - vitamins, minerals and sporting companies LAMA: Twinlab, NOW, UNIVERSAL AMERICAN NUTRITIONAL - Vitamins and Minerals Company: NATURAL WEALTH, ESI, DIETPHARM, ENCIAN, Walmark, MEDIZIN NATURA, HIMALAYA, - IMOPLEX You can reach us the following urban lines 23, 37, 50, 53, 59.89, E2 and E5. WE IMPORT PROGRAM OMEGAL plus SOON
ECOMER-alkilgliceroli IDEAL FOR IMMUNITY A unique and standardized from shark liver oil, whose active component consists alkilgliceroli. ECOMER functional foods is necessary for the establishment of immune balance by: - a general low immune system and blood - colds and flu - allergies, asthma and bronchitis - state of stress, increase energy and stamina - psoriasis and vitiligo Packaging: 30, 60 and 120 capsules ECOMER CREAM IDEAL FOR SKIN IMMUNITY Cream for care and rehabilitation of sensitive and damaged skin. Thanks to the presence alkilglicerola and squalene, which is traditionally used to treat skin diseases mitigate the superficial wounds and sores and stimulates the creation of a new and healthy epithelium. ECOMER cream intensely hydrates and cares for: - dry and sensitive skin - skin prone to eczema and allergies - burned skin after sun - skin after radiation therapy Packing: 50 g
Femal BE YOU AND BALANCED Traditional Swedish product for women to ease and relieve the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Femal is a product of high biological value in our market is unique because it contains phytoestrogens and hormones of vegetable origin. Apart from the two pollen extract PI82 and GC FEM, Femal contains vitamin E and bee that relieves symptoms such as: - General feeling bloated - Tension - Mood - Headaches - A slight increase in body weight - Sleep disorders - Hot flashes (hot flushes) Superior technological treatment removed the membrane, the allergen, and it can be used by women allergic to pollen. Packaging: 30 and 60 tablets POLTIT BALANCE OF YOUTH The product consisting of extracts of pollen that can ease and eliminate symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (benign prostatic hyperplasia-BPH). Successfully there for 30 years as indicated by the number of clinical trials. Active components Poltit preparations have been specifically selected pollen extracts: EA 5 and P2. Tests have shown that Poltit: - Reduces and eliminates problems with urination - Improves quality of life for men - Significantly reduces the volume of prostate - Does not affect the PSA indicators - Enhances the effect of sexual experience Superior technological treatment removed the membrane, the allergen, and can use it and men are allergic to pollen. Packing: 30 tablets
ECOLANE NATURAL FACE LIFT WITHOUT SCALPEL Unique Active Firming Serum for the face, neck and chest. Regular use visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles (clinically confirmed). Basically Ecolane active serum is specially patented formula that expresses TRICUTANCOMPLEX tonic effect on the muscles of the face, neck and chest. Ecolane active serum is applied 1-2 times a day on previously cleansed skin of face, neck and chest. It can be used alone or in combination with day or night cream that is already in use. Packing: 30 ml
ACNIX Collection Acne and pimples GOODBYE ACNIX collection contains a specific effective formula that removes acne and pimples. The basis of preparation Acnix collections are lactic acid, squalene and plant components that gently and thoroughly clean the skin and provide it with necessary moisture. At the same time, Acnix collection reduces bacterial growth and regulates the pH of the skin. Acnix collection is designed for both teens and all the other people who have problems with acne and pimples. Preparations Acnix collection are: - klinser - skin cleansing - cream - applied on clean skin only at the place where acne and pimples Packaging: Acnix Cleanser 150ml and Acnix crkrema 20
RECAPEEN Collection STIMULATES hair regrowth and prevents its decline RECAPEEN collection is dedicated to all those who have problems with stronger hair, and androgenic alopecia (ćelavošću). This collection with its unique composition stimulates and regenerates the hair follicle regrowth. Preparations in this collection are designed for men and women. The composition of the preparation of this collection include: - extraction of pollen A 100 - Vitamin E iH - Zn The collection includes gel and shampoo. Packaging: Recapeen Gel 30ml and 250ml shampoo Recapeen SILICA plus BEAUTIFUL SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS Silica Plus formula contains natural essential for a healthy and neat appearance of the skin hair and nails. The basic active component of this product is silicon dioxide, organic compounds related to flavonoids, which enters the structure of the skin, hair and nails. Regular use of skin preparations Silica Plus returns freshness and elasticity, the hair gets a new glow and nail strength. Packaging: 30 and 60 tablets
PSORINOL Collection For psoriatic lesions on the scalp and BODY PSORINOL collection contains plant extracts, propolis and urea that can ease and eliminate the psoriatic lesions on the scalp and body. Preparations for this collection: - prevent over-drying skin - reduce peeling, itching and redness - regenerate the skin and restores its moisture Preparations psorinol collection are special because they contain: -steroids alcohol -tar -Perfume Packaging: Psorinol activ 100 ml, 250 ml Psorinol everyday and Psorinol cream 75 ml
NOQ NOQ-OUT FOR HERPES Unique and effective for cold sores on the lips and nose. Noq has expressed antiviral and antibacterial qualities. It can also be used to prevent that. before they occur karkteristične changes, blisters filled with serous fluid, usually around the lips and nostrils. Noq a transparent gel that is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy marks. Packing: 4 g