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Belgrade Phone: 011/3222-027, 3370-327 // 011/3943-118

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NANA PHARMACY MEDICINE 1 Queen Mary 23 Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08h - 20h Saturday 08h - 16h PHARMACY MEDICINE NANA 2 Boulevard JNA 18a, Jajinci Office Hours: Monday-Friday 08h - 20h Saturday 08h - 18h Sunday 08h - 14h In our offer you can find: - Domestic and imported large drug of choice and the possibility of ordering all registered drugs in the shortest possible time - Leading cosmetic and medical brands: Murad, EUCERIN, SEBAMED, NANO Cream, Neutrogena, DR WOLFF (DERCOME, Alpecin) ISIS Pharma (RUBORIL, TEEN DERM), L'Oreal, Nivea, Garnier, Vichy (original in French), ROC, Avena, STOP ACNE, EXFOLIAC, Ducray, BIOKAP natural hair dyes and shampoos, Glyco-A, INTENSIVE ACNE FORMULA DR. Colic, but DERMA EXOMEGA (for dry and atopic skin of babies and adults) program for sunbathing - HELIOCARE, Avene, Uriage, Attiva BRONZA.EUCERIN, Nivea, LA ROCHE POSAY .... - Baby and Cosmetics (AVENT, NUK, Chicco, HIPP, SEBAMED, Pampers, JOHNSON, MUSTELA), and a program for mothers and pregnant women (multi-MAM, MULTI-GYN, Bioclin) Hipp, Humana, Aptamil, Nestle Nan , Novalac, Impamil, Milupa, Bebelac, Juvitana Baby program reduced prices for Avent and Mustella. - SOLIDEA stockings, diapers for children and adults - BRAUN dental program OXYJET, CURAPROX, SPLAT toothpaste and solvents. - Preparations for immunity (Ecomer, Ajkus, NONI, Una de Gato - ate a nail, silver water, Mumia, Aloe Vera, Organic Germanium GE 132nd Immun Ass, Primed products based on honey for immunity, GD 100 (Cordyceps), Echinacea, oyster mushroom, cordyceps sinensis), Siberian ARONIJA, Revit products, HERBASVET (FEMISAN A, B, DEVI BALM ... at the best prices in the work), Supplement, Bioclinic PRODUCTS, NUTRIDRINK, VENOVIN (non-alcoholic wine for circulation), GE 132 + NATURAL , MAX SILVER WATER LAB 15 ppm.HRI VITALION, HERBAVITA Therap TEAS, TEAS LAZAREVI. - VITIX, METRO RUBORIL, BLUE CAP ... for skin problems: vitiligo, rosacea, neurodermatitis ... - Free preview and consultations on issues scalp (dandruff, falling, itching, fat ...) Rough - Devices for measuring blood glucose (Accu Chek, Ascensia ELIT - BAYER), PRECISION GLUCOVAL and tapes, as well as preparations for regulation of blood sugar, a large selection of digital, the manual device for measuring the pressure and with the living pillar, digital thermometers, infrared thermometers and that in a few seconds measure temp. thereby offering of baby's ear, ELECTRIC Aspirator for baby NOS, inhalers, electronic cigarette. Multicar - (device that determines all three parameters: sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol, and have strips and lancets for multicar device) - for sports injuries and pain have a wide selection: corsets, belts and bandažera neoprene, cotton and with magnets. KOSMODISK, magically adhesive patches for pain and for detoxification, and something totally new and unique in our market - pens for pain (PAIN-AWAY), KINEZIO STRIPS, COPPER MAGNETIC BRACELET, an anti-snoring, anti-stress ring-REDOX, orthopedic aids (walkers, crutches, canes), and a large selection of diapers and preparations for the care of inpatients. - Potency and reproductive problems - SATIBO, PROXEED PLUS, Prosize, MAXXES, GOLD MACA, PERUVIAN MACA, CEFAGIL - BAG AND RELAXAN CONTUR - For water treatment BRITA jugs and filters, barrier jugs and filters - reading glasses with a prescription of +1.00 - + 3.50 1.100.00-2.500.00 din of PRONTOLEGGO complimentary coffee bar with the purchase of Bayer's coffee! - The foot care GEHWOL, Scholl - Scholl footwear and VUMO NAILNER - pencil against fungi and WARTNER (burning the wart) BRĐANSKA BALM - lice and nits - PARANIT, FOLTENE, TYRAX ... - Possibility of the deal SERVING YOUR HEALTH AND BEAUTY YOUR PHARMACY NANA