Address: 33 Bulevar despota Stefana st., Stari grad
Phone: 011/3348-342, 063/392-025, 063/819-45-07

Bookstore and copyhouse Blackmouse offers you copying, printing services as well as selling office materials. We are located in the center of the city at 33 Despota Stefana boulevard. We offer high quality and swift services using the latest Cannon machines that follow a modern trend. In order for our users to be satisfied with our quality and speed of service, we have the possibility of accepting materials through our e-mail and then deliver it to the desired address. Affordable printing from USB drives, DVDs, CDs, memory cards.


Printing using the latest machines from Cannon manufacturers with excellent quality and swift printing. WIth low prices and high quality, we make calling cards of various dimensions, Flyers, A6 and A5 formats.


We offer binding using the best machines with excellent speed and quality. This can be hard and spiral covers for your graduation papers, master papers and doctorates.


The copyhouse Blackmouse offers swift and high quality services with very low prices that you won't find elsewhere in the market. Our copyhouse is equipped with highest quality machines from Cannon laser technologies with high speeds of copies. We copy in various dimensions on high quality sheets. Copying can be done in color as well, for the purpose of fulfilling your requests and offer you high quality production.

Hard binding

Hard binding is done very swiftly with high quality services and excellent prices. Graduation papers, master studies, doctorates and any other material is hard bound using highest quality machines and excellent quality of design. By using high quality materials we are able to always create the best products.

Hardcover binding

Classic and long-lasting! Golden letters, ideal for casing your graduation, master papers or doctorates. It allows for up to 500 pages to be bound in beautiful hardcovers using the highest quality materials. We are able to always deliver products of best quality.

Hardcover with golden letters

Golden letters are ideal for graduation papers, master's papers, doctorates because they give the hardcover a very sophisticated appearance.

Hardcover binding for graduation papers

The graduation paper should be your crownin work and we offer you the chance to beautifully bind it at affordable prices.

Spiral binding

Best choice for frequently used documents. We can bind up to 500 pages for easy opening and browsing.


Printed through USB, you can also e-mail them to us at We make scripts per your selection with highest quality and best prices.

Office materials.

We offer large selection of office materials from seals, pencils, notebooks, rulers, paperclips, papers in color binders, batteries, cds, dvds, staplers, registrators, calculators, cleaning products for LCD/TFt screens, toys, coloring books, albums, paints, pencil cases, stickers, payment forms, transfer forms, bills, receipts, rubbers and much more that we offer in our assortment. WIth guaranteed high quality and product price.

Computer printing

Done through e-mail, from USB, CDs, DVDs, memory cards, scanning using best hardware and software.


Our cannon laser machines of exceptional quality with low prices and high spirits of our employees will process you offer. We offer copying in various dimensions, monochrome and color with full quality of production. Material for copying can be sent to us through as a swift and easy alternative to your coming to our store.

Copying and multiplication is done in as many copies as you request. Monochrome and color copying. This kind of copying ensures the best quality and in many cases even better than the original. We invite you to visit us and see what our regulars already know.