Pizzerias Belgrade

Address: 81 Maksima Gorkog st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/344-2285, 069/2317-240

4/ 5stars


81 Maksima Gorkog street, Beograd
011-6442285, 069-23-17-240

We have existed for a long number of years at the same location and offer various products made out of pizza dough which has a familiar delicious taste thanks to our pizza masters' secret recipe. We offer three sizes of pizzas as well as various other products made from pizza dough.

Our masters are always in the mood to meet all your demands that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. ALl those who have tried our products understand what we're saying and those who haven't are cordially invited to do so.

We offer free delivery for orders above 500rsd.

Ongoing promotion: with 2 purchased family pizzas, free 2l of Coca-cola.