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“Mala ruska apoteka” has been in business since 2007 in Belgrade with the goal to bring Russian products to the Serbian market. Our basic program comes from the Moscow factory DIOD and have originated as a result of years of cooperation with the greatest scientific minds and military physicians.

Among them are the specialists from the airline and cosmology medicine, medical radiology scientific center, military medical academy “S.M. Kirov” the main military clinic “N.N. Burdenko”, the IV central military clinic.

The products are herbal with high therapy effects and no unwanted effects. In a complex therapy they can be combined with any prescription medicine. The “Mala ruska apoteka” is located in Belgrade, in Vozdovac at 247b Vojvode Stepe street.

Our products:

1)Artro aktiv
-ARTRO-AKTIV capsules
-Cream-balsam ARTRO-AKTIV nutritios

2) Kapilar

KAPILAR is a product that originated from the studies of Dr. Zalmanov who wrote that the changes in capillary walls should become the base for the future of medicine.

It is well recognized in the world that the basic mechanism of growing older and various afflictions related to it stems from the destruction of cells from the free radicals that are created throughout our lifetime.

A young and healthy organism deals with this process by producing antioxidants which destroy the free radicals but over the years their number is drastically reduced.

3) Okulist

OKULIST – is the Russian bioactive additive to everyday diet which improves your vision, reduces the tiredness of the eye, improves darkness adaptation. For the first time a single product joins the entire complex of biologically active substances that nurture your eyes.

4) Viardo

VIARDO – the Russian bioactive food additive which activates testosterone and allows for enduring extreme physical and psychologically emotional strains for longer periods of time. It increases the work ability and sexual activity.

5)Calcium active

Calcium active allows for the complete protection of your organism from any problems related to a lack of calcium, normalizes the systems in charge of preserving bone tissue.

6)Selen aktiv

Selene is the most important element of antioxidant protection of the organism. No amount of vitamins and similar nutrients can replace selene, it is the main component of the ferment that makes even the most aggressive free radicals harmless, even those that cannot be destroyed by other antioxidants.

7)Iodine active

The hormones of the thyroid gland whose main ingredient is iodine perform many important vital functions and are responsible for the nutrient exchange in the entire organism, as well as directing the expenditure of albumin. The research conducted by the global health association over the years has shown that the level of intellectual development is directly linked to iodine.

8)Swift aid wound balsam

This balm is a new and efficient way to help healing of damaged skin, bruising, scratches, cuts, gashes, burns and sunburns, damages from scratching, outside factor effects and similar.

9) Sofie foot cream

The Sofia foot balm from leech extracts. The medicinal leach is rightfully considered one of the most effective ways to mollify problems caused by a damaged vein system. Its spit contains around one hundred of biologically active substances that have an intense effect on the blood and blood vessels. The ferments of the medical leech glands help renew the interior of damaged veins and takes strain off the vein systems.

10) Chaga body balm

The body balm Chaga contributes to renewal of metabolism, bone tissue of joints, it works against swelling and inflammations. It is used best for prevention and in the beginning stages of joint and spine problems in case of high risk factors from hypothermia, viral infection, chronic inflammation, sedentary lifestyle and many others.

11) Sustavit forte

Sustavit forte is a complex product that contributes to renewing the normal metabolism of the bone and muscle tissue and works against swelling and inflammation, helps remove deposits and strengthens the muscle and ligament systems of the spine.

12) Evalar factory products

The liver is the main laboratory of the human organism with over fifty basic functions and it is often strained due to an overly high consummation of sugar, fats, alcohol or medications. All this can disrupt its usual state and cause its cells to decay. The signals that the liver is encumbered include pains below the right rib, too much flatulence, unpleasant breath and even common mood swings, depression, fast exhaustion. Also chronic acne and zits are often indicators of disrupted liver functions. The way to fix this problem is to clean the liver and restore its natural function.

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