Plant pharmacies Belgrade

Address: 1 Sremskih odreda st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2676-275, 011/2607-353, 064/4235-354

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The company NBA  which was founded in 1991 possesses knowledge and experience in the area of phytopharmacy with an aim to introduce the habit to utilize natural gifts – medicinal plants in a modern man.

In our work we closely cooperate with the l Faculty of  Pharmacy and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, as well as with several  accredited laboratories in the area of phytosanitary and other analyses of our products.

The company NBA  is near the completion of the construction of new production plant with up to date storage units that complies with the highest standards for this type of the production. The new plant has the total production area over 570 square  meters and is situated in the Surčin Municipality, close to mayor traffic routes. The whole investment is done from our own budget.

Herbal mixtures

That are by the Serbian Agency for drugs and other medicinal products as well as by the Faculty of Pharmacy classified as dietary supplements. Our brand is HerbaWay Health & Care ™ and most attractive products from this range are: herbal mixtures for the regulation of blood sugar; for the elimination of urinary infections; for the smoothing of gynaecological problems; for the control of obesity. 

Herbal shampoos 

Phytoshampoos P, N, M, and F ™– for different types of hair and for treatment of the different problems

Herbal drops (tinctures)   
From the collection HERBAWAY-Herbal Drops™, for the maintenance of health and function of peripheral blood circulation. These drops also help in persons with dilated veins, increased blood fats and reduce the leg fatigue...

Herbal feed supplements HerbaWay Animal

These feed supplements are used in both conventional and organic farm production systems. Most renown among them are the: Biovet S ™ – for the use in swine production; Estrus Plus ™ for the use in high producing dairy cows; HERBAMIX-IBP ™ for the use in laying hens and broiler chickens. We will gladly provide You with more information about specific products as well as with the demonstration trail data upon Your request.