Address: 51 Grcica Milenka st., Vozdovac
Phone: 011/2851-125, 2852-295, 064/1195-934
SPECIAL SURGERY HOSPITAL DR DJOKOVIC Plastic,Reconstructive Surgery Belgrade

We are located in Belgrade, at Grcic Milenko 51st

In our patients can be reviewed, conservative and surgical treatment in all areas of surgery.

We are engaged in operations in general surgery, vascular, colorectal, oncology and hepatobiliary surgery, cosmetic surgery, urology and orthopedics.

The expert team consists of the most famous names Serbian surgery and other specialists who have proven their work in the areas of their businesses.

The most common operations are hernia, hemorrhoids, laparoscopic gall bladder, bowel blind, laser vein surgery, surgery of tumors of the digestive tract, thyroid surgery, breast surgery, benign and malignant skin changes (youth, tumors, fatty tissue ...) and so on. Operation corrections breasts, face, nose, ears and stomach are the most common plastic surgery operations that are performed in our hospital.

When all the surgeries we use the principles that apply to the most famous clinics of its kind in the world, primarily due to pirma the latest technology and the use of lasers which enables safer outcome and recovery much faster than it was after the classical method.

As a special part of the hospital stands out CENTER FOR hernia and hemorrhoids.

Thousands of satisfied patients are the best reference for us.

Sincerely, surgical team and MSc. med. Dr. A. Djokovic