Polyclinics Belgrade

Address: 1 Koste Trifkovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 062/222-688, 011/2862-372
E-mail: info@medilek-tim.rs
Website: www.medilek-tim.rs

4.5/ 5stars

Clinic Medilek TIM is located on Zvezdara, at Kosta Trifkovic 1, near the factory "Fortress" in Kralja Aleksandra blvd. Best service for you and your family. We can perform inspections in all areas of pediatrics, general medicine and internal medicine with all subspecialties.


- Center for ultrasound and Doppler diagnosis
- Center for Stroke
- Center for thyroid disease and diabetes
- Oncology Center-counseling for breast cancer and cervical cancer
- Center for endoscopy
- Center for Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
- Center for kidney disease
- Regular examinations for employees.

Professional, responsible, conscientious, with many years of experience in dealing with decom- from birth to adulthood.

Select your pediatrician:

Prim Gordana Rakic
- Pediatrician Health Centre Zemun
- Over 35 years of working with children
- Founder of ultrasound diagnosis in child hip DZ Zemun

Dr. Radmila Kosić
- Chief of pediatric services DZ Zemun -over 25 years of working with children - additional education: ultrasound diagnosis of child hip - one of the founders of the National Association of People with growth hormone deficiency and short stature "HOrast"
- Speaks English.

doc. Dr. Dejan Škorić
- Pediatrician - haematologist
- Over 26 years of working with children
- Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine in Belgrade - a professor in the Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine VMA - Director of Pediatric Center of the University Children's Hospital - professional training in the United States, Italy, Canada - special interest in stem cells from umbilical cord blood - author and co-author of 126 scientific papers - speaks English.

- Pediatric examinations
- Consultative examinations famous experts in the field of pediatrics (see www.medilek-tim.rs)
- Ultrasound examinations of infants and children
- Vaccination vaccines most famous manufacturers
- Systematic examinations of children of all ages
- Counseling for nutrition - Prof. Dr. Vojislav Perisic, a pediatric gastroenterologist
- Counseling for allergy and lung disease in children-prof. Dr. Branimir Nestorović, doc. Dr. Marina Atanacković, M.Sc. between Nevena Jovicic
- Counseling for diabetes and endocrinology. Disorders - Dr. Vladislav Bojic - psychological counseling for children of preschool and school age children.