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Train faster and smarter!

Vibration training on fitvibe® is the perfect solution for people who have little free time, but who wish to become, or remain, slim, healthy and in fit shape. You will see improvement in less time than it takes for other workouts. You should combine fitvibe® training with a healthy diet and the results will be even more spectacular.

Losing weight and centimeters!

Personal trainers and professionals who deal with weight loss around the world have included fitvibe® equipment in their usual trenings. They noted that a gradual, steady weight loss usually begins after only three weeks of vibration training. Increases muscle mass and shape the body while at the same time speeds up the metabolism and accelerates the burning of calories, the results are truly spectacular.

How does it work?

The principle on which FitVibe® machines work lies in Newton's law: that force equals mass times acceleration, or f = mx a.
This means that the strength and endurance of the body can be increased by adding more masses (weights), which we do in the classical vision of training in the gym, or more acceleration or increasing the number of Hz (vibration) in seconds is the case in Fitvibe platform.
Instead of adding more weight and thus further burdening the skeleton, joints, tendons and ligaments, increasing acceleration (vibration) achieve much better effect and it has the burden of the skeleton, joints, tendons and ligaments minimum.
By increasing the acceleration we feel that we are heavier and therefore there is no need to add extra weight, it is enough to set the number of Hz (vibration) per second, which corresponds to our current opportunities (Fitvibe is a platform in which you can regulate the frequency of vibration of 25 to 50 Hz for by a Hz). Vibration from Fit Vibe is an imbalance in the human body, and therefore the muscles are activated (reflexively) to restore the balance.
As the balance shifts incredible speed of 25 to 50 (for recreational uses the range of 25 to 40 Hz, beyond that can be used by well trained military pilots, astronauts and professional athletes) times per second so and muscles reflexively contract for the same number of times per second in order to preserve balance.

This is the main reason why the Fit Vibe in getting more intense and therefore more effective training for far less time
Your muscles contract, causing a vibration immediately better circulation of skin tissue that is in contact with the surface for training .. Training on fitvibe® will also increase the production of several key hormones that help build muscle tissue. They also have a role in the production of red blood cells, which will allow a greater flow of oxygen. They will also induce lipolysis (the process of decomposition of body fat).

Exercises with massage will increase blood flow to the tissues of the affected cellulite and improve the mobility of tissue layers that will melt cellulite, the connective tissue will strengthen, improve the diet of deep layers of the skin. At the same time the production of collagen is improved, which will lead to the skin becomes taut. Work on fitvibe® will burn subcutaneous adipose tissue and speed (improve) your metabolism.
Be FitRibe with Fitvibe!

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