Printing-houses Belgrade

Address: 48 Vojvode Milenka st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/3617-281, 011/361-3838

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Digital art company is a family company founded by Milicevic company in 2005 primarily as a studio working in digital printing and preparation to complete it with many other services of graphic industry.

Milisevic family has worked in graphics over many generations for over 60 years and the quality of work itself that the printing houses provide mirrors of many years and experience as well as constant self-improvement.

Visit us and be informed about all the ways we can help you improve your business through promotional material of high quality.

Digital art offers other high quality services of digital printing in the most modern technology of today as well as design services, preparation and professional offset printing. With our knowledge, skills and experience with the application of the latest mentions and high quality paper will make sure your materials look perfect.

Our studio is located in the center of Belgrade, come and visit us every day from 9AM - 6PM or call us on 011/361-72-81.