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Printing house Golden Section has with constant investment, modernization of equipment and training of employees grown into one of the market leaders in the region. Our printing is located in Vozdovac, at Duke Vlahovica 52i in Belgrade and has only the most advanced machinery technology to work.

With the desire to provide you with the highest quality products with short delivery times and competitive prices, the printing Golden Section offers the following services:

- Offset printing
- Tampon printing
- Screen printing

Offset printing is one of the indirect printing technique and is suitable for printing flyers, brochures, posters, letterheads, blocks, books, flyers, labels, magazines, calendars, folders, folders, postcards, invitations and many other similar things. Currently, our offer offset printing press in sheet while it is planned to expand capacity in the future to offset printing rolls.

One of the oldest types of printing, screen printing, recently underwent a complete turnaround and become generally acceptable printing technique in the world and in our country. The scope of application of the screen printing is not limited in such a way that it can be printed on glass, plastic, textile, metal, wood and ceramic materials. Given the various possibilities of this technique has found its application in many industries and has special application in the textile industry.

Pad printing is most often used for printing on curved surfaces of objects made of different materials, such as glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber, metal. In a way tampon printing is the process by which a 2D image is transferred to a 3D object. The most common items that are printed pad printing technique are pens, lighters, cups, ashtrays, key chains and other promotional items.

Friendly and professional staff printing Golden Section is at your service and offers innovative ideas that will allow you to be unique in the market.


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