Printing-houses Belgrade

Address: 15 Djuke Dinic st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/240-20-26, 064/558-78-65

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Redac Point Belgrade is a private company founded with the goal to please even the customers with the most complex needs for a reliable supplier and printer servicing as well as toner filling. We are located at 15 Djuka Dinic street, in Zvezdara in Belgrade. Our base activity is photocopy machine servicing, selling and filling toners as well as servicing printers of all kinds. Along with that we are also developing our trade activity to other areas in order to provide full support for all our customers. With this kind of business model we’ve allowed our valued customers to get everything they need in one place, which includes:

-       Selling finished, recycled toner by the Italian brand REDAC

-       Buying and receiving empty toners

-       Selling original toners by CANON, HEWLETT PACKARD, SAMSUNG, LEXMARK, EPSON

-       Complete office material offer

-       Maintenance and servicing

-       Equipment

-       Printer servicing

-       Photocopy machine servicing

-       Cartridge filling

-       Toner filling

-       Expendable materials

Filling inkjet cartridges
Inkjet printers are very cheap and may seem like an excellent choice at the beginning. However, when their cartridges empty the problems arise because the new ones usually cost much more than the printer itself.

Printer service has several options for you:
Filling cartridges is fairly cheap and, if done correctly, works perfectly. It is important to realize that the cartridges can be filled properly only several times (1-6 times at most).
Filling cartridges reduces your expenses by 40-70% depending on how much new ones cost.

Most cartridges can be successfully filled. You can see that for yourself by letting us do it for you. We will clean all the cartridges and then refill them with high quality dye and then finally remove excess air using a vacuum system.

If the cartridge is in poor condition or has been unused for a long time, there is a chance that it cannot be recycled but of course we would warn you of that in advance.

Filling toners
Recycled toners cannot harm your printer if they have been filled with their specific toner and installed with the proper materials for that type of cassette.

Filling toners is a complex procedure which includes:
1. Evaluating the condition of the cassette
2. Taking it apart
3. Vacuum cleaning it
4. Replacing damaged parts
5. Machine or hand filling using high quality toner
6. Reassembly
7. Thorough testing.

Filling toners allows the same toner cassette to be reused up to three times if it hasn’t been mechanically damaged. Filled toner can not cause any damage to your printer.

All the materials we use for the filling process is high quality.