Protection on work, chemical protection equipment Belgrade

Address: 47 Cegarska st., Kragujevac
Belgrade Phone: 063/635-352, 034/302-065

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Senka began work in 1988 as an independent crafts shop.

Since the day we began work our main activity was producing children's stuffed toys only to develop in time by following the needs of the market and open up new production programs.

A year after we began work we founded the SENKA company.

When we began work we had a single worker and a working space of only 16m2 as well as a sales area of the same size.

In time as we expanded production we also improved our facilities and capacity.

Today we work in a 760m2 production area and 25m2 sales area in the center of the city and with the help of a large number of our workers utilizing modern sewing machines.

Our basic marketing orientation presents our quality products which feature excellent design, functionality and domination over similar products on the market.

We also give great attention to attending all exhibitions and conventions related to our work

Product range:

HTZ clothes:
- Work overalls (one-piece)
- Working clothes (classical and pilot)
- Work coat
- Working blouses
- Work trousers
- Jackets
- Vests
- Thermal suits
- Thermal overalls

Medical equipment:
- Men's and women's classic coats
- Women coat dresses
- Men's and women's blouses
- Classic men's and women's trousers
- Pants 'Jordans'
- Skirts
- Surgical gowns, caps, masks
- Compresses

Clothing adapted to the activities for which it is intended
Uniforms for:
- Pizzerias
- Pastry
- Chef
- Bakeries
- Working staff of hotels, motels, restaurants
- Doormen, guards order
- Trade
- Hairdressing, pedicure and manicure salons
- Fun salons
- Gas stations

Protective work clothing for hunting and fishing enthusiasts:
- Overalls (ordinary and thermal)
- Shirts
- Pants
- Vests (ordinary and thermal)
- Protective covers for a rifle or fishing rod
- Case for accessories

Assortment of "Jeans" for the children youth and adults:
- Dresses (long and short)
- Skirts (long and short)
- Pants (jeans, Jordans, in-line skaters)
- Shirts (classical and waisted)
- Vests (short and long)
- Overalls "Baby"
- Jackets
- Hats and caps

The costumes of characters from children's imagination:
- Mickey
- Minnie
- Donald duck
- Daisy Duck
- Goofy
- Pluto
- Puppy
- Kitty
- Fox

Decorative and protective caps:
- Pizzerias
- Pastry
- Chef
- Bakeries
- Working staff of hotels, motels, restaurants
- Doormen, security staff
- car mechanic
- Hunters and anglers