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Our stores have become recognized by the professional staff whose main goal is to meet customer requirements, provide fair and affordable price of the product, with the speed and professionalism in service delivery, but surely, and perhaps the most by the fact that we are one of the best-supplied auto parts stores on the Serbian market .

Persistent and hard work opened a new spare parts store "Canzona" in Žabara which started its work 10.03.2010.
From year to year we opened more auto parts stores so that currently have 4 to our great satisfaction.
If it happens that despite the huge range of goods that are in stock we lack your required item, the required part can be provided within one day, which is another indication of the seriousness and loyalty to its customers, which means we will not leave your car longer than mechanic needed to dismantle and shut the car.
What adorns auto parts store in Velika Plana is unusual large sales area (actually the largest in Serbia) that allows customers comfortable sightseeing assortment (mats, upholstery, hubcaps ...), as well as uninterrupted conversation with your dealer.
With all this in order to store a large number of workers, which gives you the opportunity to quickly finished what makes you with us.

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