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The company was formed in 1993 in order to supply the market of high-quality parts of western manufacturers and brands. Among the first in our market we offered famous brand LUCAS and CHAMP. We maintain this tradition to this day, using only the best brands in the auto industry. We are located at the Zemun Ugrinovačka 1 in Belgrade.

You can find the auto parts for the following brands of automobiles:

- Car parts for ALFA ROMEO / FIAT Parts / Parts FLAG /
- Parts for Audi / BMW Parts / Parts for OPEL / Parts Mercedes / VW Parts / Parts GOLF / PASSAT Parts /
- Parts BUICK / CADILLAC Parts / Parts CHERY / FORD Parts / Parts MINI MORIS
- Parts LAND ROVER / / Parts CHRYSLER / DODGE Parts / Parts for HUMMER
- Parts for CITROEN / PEUGEOT Parts / Parts for RENAULT / Parts CHEVROLET
- Parts DAEWOO / Parts DAIHATSU / Parts HONDA / Parts HYUNDAI / ISUZU Parts / Parts for MITSUBISHI / NISSAN Parts / Parts DACIA
- JAGUAR Parts / Parts for JEEP / LEXUS Parts / Parts MASERATI / PORSCHE Parts / Parts for ROVER /
- Parts KIA / MAZDA Parts / Parts SUZUKI / Parts TOYOTA /
- Parts for SEAT / SKODA Parts / Parts OKTAVIA / FABIA Parts / Parts FELICIA /
- ASTRA Parts / Parts VEKTRA / PONTIAC Parts / Parts VOLVO /
- Parts Motorcycles / Parts for Scooter.



- Pipes
- Double branching
- Flexible hoses
- Mufflers
- Catalysts
- Exhaust Brackets

Parts of the head, toothed belt, tensioner, the chain

- Shock chain dampering spanners, camshaft
- Button valves, rubbers for valves, hydraulic lifter
- Exhaust valve sic valve rocker arm, a slider chain, mechanical lifters
- Valve springs, valve
- Midfielder of camshaft, roller, chain tensioner
- Suction valves, valve guides
- Toothed belt set, timing chain, toothed belt

Parts of the main engine overhaul

- Thrust bearings, connecting rods Biksna
- Bushing camshaft, piston ring casings, casings međuprenosnog shaft / sleeve distribution cylinder
- Cylinder Head hilzne
- Piston rings, pistons
- Rolling bearings, bearing support shaft bearing flywheel, lying in bed
- Seals, screws for cylinder head

Gaskets for engines

- Gasket camshaft, duplicate branches, cylinder head, cylinder head, exhaust manifold, chain cover, valve cover, oil cap, cover toothed belt, thermostat, oil pumps, intake manifolds, for paper tube.

- Erasers for valves
- Set of cylinder for gasket heads, valve cover, the crankcase to the gearbox, gaskets for motor

Electrical appliances

- Automat anlansera, Bendix, sleeve for alternator diode plate generator
- Brush holders, brush starter / generator
- The cables for the battery, battery terminals, for inclusion
- Set for Overhaul alnasera, cradle fuse
- Carrier alternator, fuses, reducer starter
- Voltage regulator, relays, alternator pulley
- Mounting wire, fuse panel


- Filter AdBlue system for hydraulic fluid, climate, fuel, air filters
- Oil filters, air filter, water filter, air filter hook

Air conditioning

- Hoses for air conditioning, el. Management module
- Filter valve air conditioners
- Refrigerator climate, evaporators
- Compressor, air conditioning compressor bearing
- Carrier air conditioning compressor, Drier Climate
- Valve air conditioners
- Fan heating radiator Climate


- Jaws
- Piston and gkava air compressor set, piston brake calipers
- The brake pump, brake master cylinder, brake disc, drum, hose, tiles, brake pads
- Springs for brake pads, brake pads for wrist, ring ABS, rear axle brake controller
- Overhaul kit brake system, Repair set of brake calipers, brake cylinder repair kit, repair kit compressor
- Brake pad wear sensor, the sensor ABS
- The vacuum pump, vacuum hose

Lubricating materials and other liquids

- Antifreeze, safety valve, hose for oil
- Hydraulic oil, brake fluid, engine oil
- Grease (lubricant), engine oil
- Hand cleaning paste, silicone, spray
- Cleanser jaw fluid towels
- Compressor oil, gear oil
- Valve oil pump, gear oil pump


- Block plug, plug sump plug for oil, the connecting rod
- The console ignition, engine mount, parasitic pulleys
- Cover girl cover cables, crankcase cover, cover toothed belt, extra overhead cam
- Bar meter oil level, rod for hanging motor
- Valves, bolt crankshaft, guide / rod tube meter oil meter rod guides for oil
- Flywheel, stopper cylinder, gear male camshaft, crankshaft pulley gear, sprocket wreath


- Shock absorbers, hoses, hydraulic suspension, brackets, spring
- Hub front and rear, the leaf spring rubbers, rubbers front / rear carrier, conical lager
- Balls absorbers, rear axle bearings, bearings for front and rear hub
- Cuffs, cuff damper, joint nut and hub, carriers, reflective rubber shock absorbers
- Springs, wrist, clamps shock absorbers, strut, rod clamps / resume strips
- Binder, shoulders, powerful floating blocks, hydraulic
- Silent block, shock absorber silent block, block powerful front rear axle, powerful block stabilizer anti-roll bars
- The stabilizers, rod rear transverse (diagonal)
- Forks, airbag, car accessories
- Drive belt, cooling system, belts

Equip your two-wheeler with the BEST PARTS

In addition to cars you can also find the parts for your motor. Lucas - TRW is one of the leading firms in motorsport. From the wide range of Lucas' offer:

- Brake pads in multiple materials (organic, sinter, carbon and ceramic)
- Drives (standard and racing)
- Calipers
- Diaphragm, spring
- Teflon hoses
- steering wheels

Currently in our stock you can find plates, pads, steering wheels on most models of motorcycles and scooters. All parts of Lucas's product range can be ordered and we will do our best to import as soon as possible ...

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