Address: 78 12. avgusta st., Progar
Phone: 011/8427-505, 064/8563-035, 065/8427-505
BOJCINSKA KOLEBA Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade

The idea of the restaurant is to protect the local cuisine and dishes that are disappearing and that is an original way to experience part of Srem where we are and perpetuate the values and activities that people in this part of Srem deals. Healthy food we get from our own resources, mangulica herd, sheep, and products exclusively from the surrounding villages. Also we want to protect and customs, authentic Srem speech with a multitude of localism and tambura music Srem Gypsies.

Srem cuisine
Traditional Srem cuisine: soups, ready meals, grill, roast, pork scratchings, sausages, ham, bacon, headcheese, Sremački treats and various other delicacies ... Good food is good bay glass of homemade brandy or wine.

The diversity of experiences
Spend unforgettable moments and enjoy the authentic atmosphere "Bojčinska wavers" along with tambourine orchestra every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Your visit can be even more interesting if you start cruising the Sava River