Address: 19b Surcinska st., Ledine
Phone: 062/250-350, 065/8-111-888
Website: www.restorani-za-svadbe.com/restoran/dvor-aleksandar
DVOR ALEKSANDAR Restaurants for weddings, celebrations Belgrade

Palace Aleksandar
The most exclusive area on the territory of Belgrade to celebrate: - WEDDINGS - Baptisms - FAREWELLS - and other parties * Aleksandar Palace Lestane Address: Circular Road to Lestane 70 capacity of 600 seats
* Glamour Lestane Address: Circular Road to Lestane 64 capacity of 250 seats * Aleksandar Palace Ledine-Great Hall Address: Novi Beograd-Ledine capacity of 450 seats * Aleksandar Palace Ledine-Hall B Address: Novi Beograd-Ledine capacity of 180 seats
We have capacity for 600 people, where with the local food and excellent service you can spend unforgettable moments. Aleksandar Palace also has a separate room for children who are separated during the celebrations from other guests and can enjoy various games. We also have secured parking spaces for guests.
Menu - Starters 4 types of ham, feta, cheese, cream, hoopla salad, mushroom, potato salad, peppers in sour cream, cabbage salad, pickled cucumber, cooked peppers. Pie made of cabbage and cheese, corn bread, muffins, bread slice
- Warm dishes Fried cheese, pepranac, veal soup - Main dish Roast lamb, pork, beef stew, braised beef, grill 4 kinds of bread All types of homemade beverages by agreement and international drinks in abundance Organize decorating halls and if necessary, the organization of music.