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DVA JELENA Restaurants Belgrade

Tavern "Two deer", located in the heart of Skadarlija, one of the age-old symbol of Belgrade. Proud of its 180 years of tradition, this inn is today bohemian place where people gather admirers urban spirit of Belgrade, national cuisine lovers and old wine. Founded back in the 1832nd year, "Two deer" and the small history of Belgrade, the guardians of tradition and timeless attraction and a place where everyone is coming back to experience a unique experience Belgrade bohemian atmosphere. You will enjoy the specialties of the traditional local cuisine, comfortable surroundings and old music. A tale of two deer starts like this: In the spring 1832, the hardworking baker Abraham, opened a bakery in this place, go berićetno years he and his wife worthy of Petronius use a large oven and began to prepare homemade meals for the citizens began to gather. In 1867 The innkeeper Joakim Abraham purchases from the old bakery for 20 coins and two pence. George called crnotravca mustache that is slightly expanded and rearranged to make the bakery cafe. Quickly became known around town about the beauty and goodness of her cafe owner. It began to gather people of various professions: craftsmen, artists, poets, painters, storytellers, musicians, a traveling group of actors and other dobronamernici, lovers of beautiful music, good wine, humor and joy. Hunters Belgrade after a good hunting brought the two deer in front of a cafe, people make amends and to suggest that the days of Joakim inn pub called "The Two deer." We should not forget that this celebrated tavern and its famous guests, great artists and great people of our culture who come here regularly - Djura Jaksic, Laza Kostic, Milovan Glisic, Janko Veselinovic, Anton Gustav Matos, Uncle Ilija Stanojevic, Tin Ujević, Rade Drainac, Gustav Krklec Mile Kepa and many others. Guests were inns and foreign government representatives, artists, and countless tourists from all over the world. Let your wedding reception is at the heart of bohemian Belgrade, in a restaurant where nearly two centuries marry, marry and leave their mark many generations of lovers of good music, fantastic cuisine and selected wines. The high capacity of the restaurant "Two deer", which covers 1,400 square meters and has five rooms of different sizes, allows us to provide you with everything you would like to organize: wedding lunches from the nearest to smaller weddings, to those with more guests . In addition, the disposal is the open terrace of three levels, particularly attractive for the celebrations that take place in the summer. We are open to all kinds of arrangements and we will be happy to meet your expectations, sharing with you the desire to be a day that will be remembered as the best. We'll help you celebrate your wedding day and spend your way into bohemian spirit. Restaurant "Two deer" often hosts a variety of companies in our country are its corporative events. Just tell us what you want to achieve your corporate event, and we will provide you with the best solution. We are here to welcome you when you celebrate the anniversary of the company, the glory of the company, the New Year, Christmas or any other holiday, or when you just want it for their employees and partners create a celebration without a reason. Also, we will be pleased to welcome and at lunch or dinner your guests from abroad, because there is no better place to experience what it means to Belgrade bohemian night. In short - we celebrate the achievements you have made, toast the new opportunities that await you and enjoy the company of your colleagues, employees and associates in the spirit of Skadarlija night. If the needs of your company or its clients manage the promotion of products or taste, your choice may be, and our restaurant. We understand the importance of promotional events that will help to promote your business, new product or brand. We will be happy to host your promotion, and your only choose is part of the restaurant that is most appropriate for a particular occasion. For all your home celebration at your disposal is a restaurant catering services "Two deer." Our staff will make sure that your table is abundant - whether you want to barbecue, cooked meat and vegetables, vegetarian menu or a menu of your choice. To save your time, we will arrange for you to prepare, serve and deliver the agreed address of the branch. At us you can rely on the occasion of the celebration of home, children's birthdays, baptisms, celebrate, weddings, seminars, corporate celebrations, presentations of companies, diploma, master and other celebrations marking. We will be glad to help you with a job and your guests enjoy the specialties of our cuisine. Share with us your desires and expectations by phone, fax or e-mail. Give us basic information about your preferences, as well as the location, date and time when you plan an event and we'll give you the best deal for your preferred catering. We expect you 7 days a week from 11 to 01