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Address: 3 Stevana Djurdjevica Trosarinca st., Cukarica
Belgrade Phone: 011/355-7486, 064/230-4493

4/ 5stars

The restaurant "Alegro" is located at Stevana Djurdjevica Trosarinca street at number 3, in the municipality of Cukarica, in Belgrade. It is our great pleasure to invite you to come by our national cuisine restaurant, whose pleasant atmosphere and excellent dishes you will definitely enjoy.

Our restaurant is designed for all ages, good people, family, friends, great gourmands and those who appreciate good service and quality refreshments.

We try that with your suggestions and converted our restaurant in the city that will radiate warmth and hospitality.

On our menu you can expect:

- STARTERS - Alegro snack, ham, sirloin, mixed cheeses, olives ...
- Grilled dishes - burgers, gourmet burgers, kebabs, rolled kabobs ....
- PIZZA - Allegro Pizza, Capricoza, Margarita, Peper, Lent ...
- PASTE, tagliatelle, spaghetti, FOAM - Bolognese, Carbonara, Allegro, Pasta with chicken ...
- Salads - steak salad, Caesar salad, Greece somersaults, Tuna salad, lettuce Allegro ...

Great choice of delicious food and drinks at affordable prices, is one more reason to stop us. Take dear friends, work colleagues, loved one or family and enjoy the atmosphere as is rarely seen, with an excellent range of local dishes. Our friendly staff will ensure that you absolutely enjoy our dishes that we prepare with a lot of love and attention.

Also, the restaurant "Alegro" organizes all kinds of celebrations. If you are looking for a place to celebrate birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries or company, at the right place. We will gladly meet you and prepare an unforgettable event.

It will be our great honor for you to be our guest.

Organization of all kinds of celebrations.