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Address: 8 Drinske divizije st., Borca
Belgrade Phone: 063/7793-242, 011/347-79-74

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The music school was founded in 2005 in Belgrade with its center in Borca, only to very soon expand to other locations such as Konjarnik, New Belgrade and Surcin.

We founded our school with the goal of conducting elementary music educations for youth aged 4-16 years and for following instruments:

 - Violin

- Piano

- Guitar

This year we also founded the Amati school choir

The lessons are done individually - for each instrument and in groups for sol-fa. The classes at our school follow the curriculum issued by the Ministry of education. Our students can also earn a public school degree by passing an exam at a public school. We also accepts students who only want the elementary music education without a full school exam and for that reason enlistment is ongoing throughout the year.

In addition to regular lessons our students can perform in school concerts, republic and international competitions and festivals.

Since the founding day of our school until today our students have won over 30 awards in various competitions.

The name of our music school, Amati, is also the surname of one of the oldest known violin builder families in Italy. The most famous violin builder of the family was Nikolo Amati (1596-1684). The founder of the family and its tradition was Andrei Amati (1505-1580) and the last member Girolamo died in 1740. The most famous of them, Nikolo, transferred his knowledge and skill to his hardworking students Graccino, Andrei and many say to the famous Anthony Stradivari.



1. 9 Sarajevska street, shop 2 in the yard, Savski Venac

2. 8 Drinske divizije street, Borca

3. Junior high school 20th October, New Belgrade

4. Junior high school Dragan Lukic, Bezanijska kosa

5. Vidikovacki wreath near the Garden center, Vidikovac