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Whether you're an absolute beginner, a student, a trained engineer or technician, with the Auto CAD training, you will learn how to properly use a computer for the purpose of technical drawing, architectural or building design, construction and production of digital prototypes.

It's time to, at a discount of 75% and a mentor with years of experience, learn one of the most sought after programs of the 21st century. And of course, you add another item to his CV with certificates on completion of the course, which will, we are sure to open some more doors.

Whoever heard of Auto Cad, knows that the connoisseurs of art today highly appreciate it making skill in it well paid. Besides the very skills and techniques of drawing in architecture, construction or production of prototypes, the details are familiar AutoCAD program with all of its advanced features.

You are able to organize a consultation with a teacher training as it fits your daily duties, because the terms are available from 8:00 to 22:00. For the purposes of organized groups (company employees, students ...) of classes and training plan can be adjusted by agreement. Training for AutoCad 2D/2013 takes 24 hours for 45 min, during which each student is provided a laptop. The advantage of this training as the number of participants in each group is limited to max 5. The price includes scripts that follow the training plan and exercises for each command in AutoCAD 2D/2013.

Enjoy the really good deals and discounts in town!

Business training package for computer and does not require any prior knowledge. Group training is 20 hours (three weeks), small groups of 3-5 students, so that the teacher is able to devote to each student of the time and attention they need to master the material provided.
Training Plan for AutoCAD 2D 2011

(24 hours in the group, the group has a maximum of 4 participants) price 5000 per person.

Topic 1

Introduction to using a computer design with emphasis on the development and significance of Autodesk software to design in a variety of professions.

Topic 2

Introduction to AutoCAD terminology, customizable graphical environment and the basic principles of the AutoCAD.

Topic 3

Clarifying the essence of art as a graphic file database. Understand the difference between raster and vector drawing. Working with commands for handling files of drawings (creating new drawings, open existing, record and dosnimavanje). Basic settings and prototype drawings.

Topic 4

Understanding the concept of model space. Working with commands for displaying drawings in model space (pan, zoom and recording views).

Topic 5

Understanding the concept of AutoCAD object. Various methods for selecting objects.

Topic 6

Working with commands for creating objects and application of appropriate tools. Commands to create simple objects (point, line, arc, circle, ellipse, spline, construction lines). The commands for creating complex objects (polyline, polygon, rectangle). Tools that make it easy to create precise objects (reference point angle reference point directions, binding to specific points on objects, reference network).

Topic 7

Working with commands for changing facilities. Command Transformation position of objects in space (the command to move and rotate). The commands for copying objects (individually, in parallel, symmetrical and stencil copy). Commands for generating new structures built by changing the existing (cutting, extension, couch, folding, zakošavanje). Command to change the polyline.

Topic 8

The application handles objects to perform basic operations for modifying objects.

Topic 9

Understanding the concept of object properties. Creating and editing object properties. Organizing and defining properties of objects using layers. Finishing prototype drawings.

Topic 10

Working with commands for testing. Determination of coordinates of points in the drawing, measuring length, area, volume, and moments of inertia.

Topic 11

Creating a rewarding line and hatching. Changing the hatch.

Topic 12

The commands to create text objects. Specifying the layout. Working with a single line and multi-line text. Insert text from MS Word. Setting the mark.

Topic 13

Dimensioning drawings. Specifying the appearance of elevation and elevation change is already created. Finishing prototype drawings.

Topic 14

Brief introduction of the printing device. Understanding the issues and specific printing problems associated with printing from AutoCAD. Prepress from model space and the view for printing. Finishing prototype drawings.

A detailed training plan for the Business Package

(12 hours for 45 minutes, the group has a maximum of 4 participants) price 3000 per person.
Microsoft Windows 2007

Explanation of icons
Working with windows
Working with folders - folders (in order to create the folder, change her name, delete it and create a shortcut)
How to find, organize personal information, use the existing folders and organize the Recycle Bin
Document management (create, record and edit)
Copying and moving folders and documents
Exercises and practical use Windows related programs for writing simple or complex text, drawing and image processing
Listen to music, watch movies, play games and use the calculator
Data Compression - WinZip
Setting up your computer (desktop, colored windows, start menu, line work, date, time, mouse and keyboard)
Involvement of support for Latin and Cyrillic letters Regional setting
Installing fonts
Connection of printers, scanners and cameras
Notes on the network environment
Tools for maintaining the operating system (Defrag, Backup, Disk Cleanup)
Exercises and summary

Microsoft Word

Explanation seems Word's window
The menu
Working with tools, open and close the palette
Setting the parameters
General setup Word
Navigation through the text keyboard and mouse
Selecting text
Opening and closing of new leaves
Enter the action to a
Replacement of upper and lower case
Copying and moving parts of the text
Font Formatting
Formatting paragraph
Listing the numbers
Listing the words
Inserting a Symbol
Serial search and editing of text
Header and Footer
Application of the specific examples
Repeat the paragraph formatting and font
Setting up large letters on četnog
Columns and manipulation with the same
Footnotes and endnotes
Coloured Background font and paragraph
Coloured Background entire list combining colors, textures and images as wallpaper
Application of the specific examples
Set the text box
Setting the scene for the passage
Setting the scene for the entire list
Working on multiple documents simultaneously
Inserting objects and determine the overall direction of relations with Text
Inserting text frame objects as
Inserting WordArt text special
Loading and positioning of images in the text
Inserting clips - predefined frames
Inserting lines, circles, rectangles and special shapes
Create a personal CV
Using the correction already predefined templates in Word

Microsoft Excel

Explanation seems Excel's window
Working with tools, open and closed down range
Entering and editing data in fields
Changing column widths and proposed orders
Setting the parameters and a termining the position of a list in an Excel worksheet
General setup Excel
Navigation through the text keyboard and mouse
Marking one or more fields
The marking of text in a field
Copying and moving one or more fields or piece of text in fields
Formatting one or more fields simultaneously - box drawing, painting, field painting letters, position and ojentacija text fields, merge two or more fields into one and set different formats for dates and currency
Application autofil copy in neighboring fields
Application of the specific examples
Entering Formula - basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Addition of the three-step
Using the Excel function to find the maximum, minimum, and average values of whole and the number of members of a data set
Creating a chart based on data from selected fields
Editing charts in terms of color, size and position
Copying charts and tables in a Word document and pvezivanje the two documents
Using purification of worksheets for more efficient work in Excel
Application of the specific examples
Search and better matching of data per document
Creating a database from Excel's tables (filters)
Fire set by using the search filter

Internet Services

Introduction to use and how to connect to the global network (telephone, ADSL, cable and wireless systems)
Comparison of quality, price and recommendations
Explains how to access documents (sites) on the World Wide Web
By which the program can create a website - a brief explanation
Explanation of how to use Internet Explorer - a program to search for content on the World Wide Web (comparing with other applications and older versions)
Setting the initial formation of the list of favorite sites for faster operation
Setting Internet Explorer
Download content from the Internet-copy text, pictures, and the whole site
Finding information on the Internet when you do not know the address of that website. search for desired criteria
Search the most popular address

For all other information arrangements are possible.
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