Snooker, billiard Belgrade

Address: 73 Zivka Davidovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/408-3307

4/ 5stars

Snooker Academy was founded in Belgrade in September 2013.
We are located on Zvezdara, at 73 Zivko Davidovic street.
The Academy currently has four professional snooker chair brands Shender and one table for mini snooker.

The Academy aims to find future champions and to ensure playing snooker in excellent conditions and friendly atmosphere.

The club has a permanently engaged a professional trainer, a few times a year in our club come the world's most famous trainers who conduct training of our members.

In our club we organize regional tournaments and national championships and a large number of club tournaments. Most of our tournament will be broadcast live over the Internet on our YouTube channel.

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