Solarium Belgrade

Address: 52 Maksima Gorkog st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 061/146-12-32 (Solarijum), 061/1819-520 (Depilacija)

4.5/ 5stars

The Studio Queen awaits you with professional service, friendly staff and a Megasun solarium with new chocolate brown lamps.
Sunbathing using these lamps is healthy, they will allow you to get a natural and even complexion and are suitable for people with very light skin tone. The secret of these lamps is that after the first tanning sessions (eg 6 minutes) clients see results. We offer creams for the special purpose of indoor tanning and after-sun. They provide a natural protection from radiation, stimulate and accelerate natural pigmentation tanning and at the same time preserving the necessary moisture of the skin.
In the Studio Queen you will achieve the most beautiful radiance and at the best price, bronze sun waiting now! We wish you a healthy, beautiful and copper tan!

Price 25 rsd / min
Weekends 20 rsd / min
10th session free

Furthermore Queen Studio provides manicure services and nail extensions, chiropody, strengthening and decorating nails. Cherished and beautiful hands are a reflection of every modern woman. Just groomed nails can be beautiful. Studio Queen will make your hands shine!

Price from 900.00 to 1200.00
All kinds of decorating for FREE

Come and see the quality and environment with our friendly and courteous staff. Our professional and friendly staff will make sure that every time you leave the salon you have a smile on his face and an irresistible desire to see all the new shiny release!


KBL: 061 146 12 32
Nail Design: 062 979 92 04

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