Stamp-engravers, engravers Belgrade

Address: 35 Balkanska st., Savski venac
Belgrade Phone: 011/2659-928, 060/3563-434
E-mail: biljanaartstudio@yahoo.com

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Art KB is located at 35 Balkanska street, second floor in Savski Venac, Belgrade. The engraving and seal crafting company “Art KB” was founded many years ago in Belgrade. Vast work experience enabled us to offer you various solutions within our services.

Our main services include:
- Crafting seals, facsimiles and numerators
- Selling ink pads
- Brass, chrome, aluminum, eva-foam, acrylic, rubber, watches, lockets, pens, metal and leather engraving.
- Crafting signs, plates for doors, entrances, hallways, rooms, floors, elevators...
- Crafting signs and markings for hotels, apartments, offices...
- Crafting signs and markings for electric, construction and machine industries and embassies
- Creating ID plates for employees, doctors, the military, shops, citizens and pets.
- Creating marketing boards
- Creating stickers
- Repairs for jewelery
- Refining
- Creating calling cards
- Printed bags

With original ideas and solutions seal crafting company GPR “Art KB” will supply you with seals, door plates, signs for your company in any style you prefer. We will offer you original options for all of our crafted products as well as the best prices.
We are always open to suggestions and requests. Our goal is to achieve a successful partnership with you by supplying our customers with the finest and most economic engraving, key crafting, cater cutting and door plates and signs purchase for companies.

In our product assortment you can find round, rectangular, oval and other kinds of seals with date stamps on them as well as those with dry seals. The shape, size and model of the seal can be fully selected by you and we will be glad to fulfill all your wishes. The engraving and seal crafting company “Art KB” is your best choice for a successful business.

Quality engraving, key crafting, door plates, signs for companies and cater cutting. Visit us yourself and let us prove to you why we deserve to be at the top.

GPR “Art KB” Belgrade.