Address: 5 Radoja Markovica st. (streat under school Vuk Karadzic), Sremcica
Phone: 062/511-830
TENNIS CLUB SAMPION Tennis courts, tennis schools, tennis clubs Belgrade

We invite you to the beautiful setting of the stone terrace and quality of the field, with a view of the green belt protected reserve, spend leisure time in rest and recreation.

This is an ideal opportunity to make your free time iskoristitte the best way by far to the hustle and bustle.

In terms dnevnonoćnim offer:

* Tennis

* Mini Volleyball and Beach Soccer

* Table Tennis

* Darts

* School Tennis

* Birthdays / organizations renting space /

* To prepare the space for Billiards

Working time of 08-24 hours,

Live healthy and happy, WELCOME.