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TRAVEL AGENCY FANTAST was founded in 2005 and for the past 10 years has been operating in our market as one of the most successful agencies in its field. We are licensed Travel organizers No. 152, issued on 9.2.2010, we are members of the business association of tourist agencies YUTA.

We specialize in bus tours for various European tourist destinations, and then organized tourist trips in the country, the organization of a large number of individual trips to almost all world destinations, Incoming service in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia (DMC). Over the years we have organized a large number of "Team-building" trips (cruises, Dubai, Egypt, ...), as well as many school trips. In addition to all the stated, our agency organizes on the most popular holiday destinations of the Mediterranean (Greek islands and the continent, Malta, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro ...).

What distinguishes our agency, are brand new and very interesting and meaningful tourist trips, specially decorated and which occur seasonally, during the fall or spring. From these trips we'll choose the programs "La Vita e Bella" which was created as an inspiration eponymous film, then a trip to Sardinia and Corsica, "Paths of Joan of Arc" (Lorraine-Champagne-Alsace), Swarovski world of crystals, Salzburg Wachau valley with ...
In our regular offer includes the following programs: Tuscany, Castles of Bavaria, Rimini, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Madrid, Istanbul, Budapest, Vienna, ... je najuspešnija u Srbiji i regiji Balkana.">For the third year our platform for the sale of airline tickets the most successful in Serbia and the Balkan region. Our prices are by far the best on the market for all flights for all airlines at all international destinations.


Knez Mihailova 21a - TC "Millenium", I sprat / local 84
Tel. 011 / 32-88-978, 011 / 630-28-71, 066 / 66-77-808





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