Address: 15 Repiska st., Zarkovo
Phone: 011/2519-313
DOGGYLAND DR Veterinary clinics, veterinarians Belgrade

Veterinarian ambulance Dr. Doggyland at 15 Repiškoj street, just above the center of Zarkovo, above Trgovacka street. Opening hours of the clinic are Monday-Friday: from 09:30 to 12:30 h and 17 to 20h, Saturdays from 09:30 to 13:30 h. Information: 011/2-519-313. 064/022-72-72, the lines are open 0 to 24 h. We can go for the standard veterinary services: - We offer clinical GENERAL - TREATMENT - IMMUNE PROPHYLAXIS (Vaccination against distemper and rabies) - Medical certificate for travel, EXHIBITIONS, ETC. - Marking of cats and dogs microchipped and Passport - DEHELMINTIZACIJA - Removal of ectoparasites (BUVA, ticks) PREVENTIVE AND DETERMINATION OF THE SAME - Toilet Usije - Toilet PARAANALNE Gland - Shortening of dogs and cats NAILS AND BIRD KEY - Extraction from the ears POPINOG PIGS DOGS - Laboratory analysis of blood and urine, feces, smear, DEFINING FEMALE DOG'S HEAT PERIODS - Soft tissue surgery (castration of dogs and cats, Spaying females, Hernia surgery, operation for a tumor, ETC.) - Ultrasound descaling - Extraction - Skin conditions (dermatitis, eczema, ALOPECIA, parasitic skin diseases, Allergies, REMOVAL warts) - Home visits