Address: 11 Tose Jovanovica st
Phone: 011/305-8138, 754-7495
BINEMIKOM Water Belgrade

Binemikom relies on a solid foundation made of technical and practical experience of the companies it represents which have a long tradition of servicing clients in all areas of industry and household.

Thanks to our status as an exclusive representative of a large number of companies - VOGEL PUMPEN a xylem brand, LOARA a xylem brand, XOMOX, M.A.IND., Pieralisi, SYDEX - we re able to offer our clients a very diverse palette of products at the most affordable condition. 

Our long term goal is to listen to our client's needs and use an interactive approach to find practical solutions based on the latest technologies, monitor their needs and fulfill them in the shortest time. 

Our product portfolio consists of products that have a wide range of applications in water supply, relocating waste waters, systems that treat drinkable water, systems that process waste waters, construction, chemical and petrol industry, mining as well as food and drink industry. 

We have expanded our activity by including services for pumps which we perform on the highest level, using original parts at our well-equipped and newly constructed objects at Pancevacki road number 106. At the same facility we also montage systems for high pressure.