Acupuncture Belgrade

Address: 26 Knez Miletina st.
Belgrade Phone: 011/3226-807, 3220-692, 063/275-498

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Complete physical therapy and acupuncture In treating of: - Aching conditions (head aches, neuralgias, issias, spondilosis...) - Rheumatic disorders - degenerative disorders of the spinal cord and joints - non joint rheumatism (tendonitis, intensities, periartitis - aching shoulder) - Orthopedic disorders - Deformation and disorders of the spinal cord (practices for children and adults)
- post traumatic conditions - fractures and sport injuries - neurological disorders (weaknesses, paresis and paralyses of the periphery nerves, conditions after strokes) - circulation disorders - osteoporosis - cellulites - over weight
Possibility of exam and therapy in the patients home Ordination TENS - PLUS is located in the city center in Starine Novaka 19, not far from Slavia and Tashmajdan park. The ordination is run by DR Gordana Popovic - specialist for physical medicine and rehabilitation, with many years of experience in the VMA physical medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Belgrade, and 12 years of experience in private praxis.