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Bioenergy is the energy of life, literally “life energy”. Treating with bioenergy is a therapy that can balance and harmonize the physical and spiritual condition of your organism. This type of therapy done by Vesna Pantic is aimed to bioenergy fields, energy centers and channels through which energy flows through the body. Every ‘stop’ inside the human body functions thanks to energy, by emitting electrical impulses which in turn creates the electro-magnetic, bioenergy field that surrounds our bodies.

Vesna Pantic explains how bioenergy is very delicate and sensitive to various influneces such as stress, poor diet, negative energy, sudden weather changes, climate, place of residence and such.

If we are exposed to poor conditioning for a long time, our energy field can change, which in time can again negatively affect our psychophysical condition. Every living organism constantly emits bio-energy at a certain frequency and so based on that emission we can establish if and which part of the body is suffering.

During therapy, the bioenergist Vesna Pantic tries to remove blockages and interferences in the patient’s body, so that bioenergy can flow freely, which automatically facilitates the recovery process. This way the healer Vesna Pantic helps the patient get better, but basically the body treats itself. The amount of bioenergy that Vesna Pantic has is so strong that she is in the top 3% of the human population.

Treating with bioenergy or biotherapy falls under the most natural methods of treatment, claim all bioenergetists on the planet, including Vesna Pantic, because the treatment is done through the personal bioenergy of the patient. Bioenergy as a treatment method can help with many conditions, although it gives the best results for problems with immunity, circulation, breathing and various psychological afflictions (anxiety, depression, stress and imbalance). It can also ease physical pain, especially if it’s chronic.

Therefore bioenergy is a natural form of treatment which has so far exhibited no known bad side-effects and serves as aid to classical medicine. It is more and more evident that smart and balanced combination of modern and alternative medicine can be immensely important when it comes to general health.