Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Belgrade

Address: 15 Dunavski kej st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/2030-994, 062/206-029, 062/275-272

4.5/ 5stars

ALU PROFIL company is located in Mia Kovačevica street at the roundabout at the Bogoslovija in Palilula, Belgrade.

The domain of our services is based on the sale of high-performance security doors, aluminum moldings, doors and windows, moldings for ceramic (malorodaja and wholesale), staircases, laminate etc.. Also in addition to sales we are installing and servicing security room doors. Very responsible and professional approach to their work and strive to achieve a fair relationship with their customers.

Prices of our products primarily depend on the materials from which they are made or gauge, wing-type locks and their number.

We provide you with coded key locks and keys for your safe security door. Over 30 models of security doors we offer, imports from China and Greece.

Prices from 14,500 dinars.

Doors at very affordable prices.

We also offer a lexan in all colors and thicknesses, cut to size.

Come and see for yourself the quality of services and products available from us.