Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Belgrade

Address: 26 Slanci's road st., in Trudbenik factory area
Belgrade Phone: 011/3048-547, 063/717-5035, 063/363-485
E-mail: gormakspvc@gmail.com
Website: www.gormaks-pvcstolarija.com

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"Gormaks" ltd. is a company that specializes in production, distribution and installation of PVC and ALU joinery. We also have wood-aluminium options for those with special requests.

Our company guarantees high levels of quality through our own production, years of experience and the fact that we work according to the highest European standards.

It is our wish to provide all our customers with the highest degree of quality and the best possible services for their investment.

ALU/PVC joinery is a long-term investment that will serve you well for years and eventually pay for itself by saving you valuable electrical energy.

PVC window systems, PVC windows, PVC doors.

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