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OTKUP KNJIGA - ANTIQUE SHOPS Antique shops Belgrade
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After years of work and experience we purchase all kinds of books and comic books and other antique objects. If you'd like to refresh your library, sell the books you don't need or empty your space we'll be there in the shortest time.

We buy all kinds of books such as:
- Beletristics (editions by Laguna, Delfi, Geopoetika, Narodna Knnjiga, Nolit, Prosveta...)
- Classics
- Book sets
- Antique books
- Textbooks
- Science fiction

What we are most interested are books written by:
- Dostoevsky
- Bulgakov
- Tolstoy
- Selimovic
- Andric
- Crnjanski
- Miljkovic
- Hese
- Thomas Mann
- Cosic
- Bokaco
- Gogol
- Goethe..

We also purchase books related to art, dictonaries...

As lovers of antiques we purchase items made of brass, ivory, onyx, candlesticks, decorations, figurines.

Visit us at our regularly updated "Antivarnica knjiga" - purchase

We come to your address per agreement.