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Useful information The G-Treaty ENGINEERING Company G-Treaty Engineering Ltd, established in 2006 with an idea to stand out and be known for quality and something that is rare in our environment, respect for procedures, deadlines and standards for architecture and construction. Our only choice is to insist on the design and construction only in accordance with the rules and regulations, and to gain competitive advantage by better organization and image uncompromising when it comes to quality. We are optimistic and we know that only in this way a long-term stays competitive in the market. No alternative, let us try to design and build back to a higher level. ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE COMPANY Company "G-Treaty engineering" has a highly qualified professional team which has all kinds of licenses required to perform work in the construction and architects. Our main activities are: Designing Engineering Investments Construction works Designing We design own design office in the company or jointly with other companies under the authority of licensed architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. In addition to designing residential and commercial and other facilities, project office completes his service as visualization of exterior and interior designed three-dimensional display space and facilities. In our range of design services are: - Development of urban project - The project preparatory work - Preparation of preliminary design (architectural design) - Development of capital and construction project that consists of an architectural project, the project construction, water supply and sanitation project, the project of electrical and mechanical installations of the project - As built design - Development of interior - Development of an external organization - Creation of the catalog for a particular object - Project legalization - Project repurposing and reconstruction - Development of Technical Control Engineering With the application of the latest achievements in construction, ie using software packages (Primavera Project Planner and Microsoft Project), our engineering staff guarantee the quality of the construction of static and dynamic plans and their implementation in compliance with all technical and administrative standards in construction. In this activity we offer complete obtaining the documents necessary for construction. The range of our engineering services include: - Creating the Bill of Quantities - Production cost calculations - Preparation of material specifications - Development of dynamic plans (network maps, Gantt charts, cash flow, resource histograms) - Engineering Supervision - Design - Monitoring of the investment (operational and financial) Investing The plan of the company G-Treaty Ltd. for 2009. year was to carry out a construction investment, and that goal is met by agreement about construction of a residential building at No.11 Rtanjska. For this reason, the company established "IRU-INVEST" doo, we have formed with our friends from the companies' Hemas engineering "and" As engineering. I continue to actively participate in negotiations and analysis for the construction of several attractive locations in Belgrade. We are open to all kinds of cooperation in co-investments in construction, both financially and in the form of technical support. We invite you to contact us and together we realize your ideas properly and efficiently. Construction works Using the latest technology in performance and adaptation of buildings and use the best materials and equipment is what sets us apart. In the construction works, we are constructing buildings, adapt and furnish interiors, we perform the repair, reconstruction and renovation of facilities. We offer in addition to all types of construction and construction-craft works and installation works for water supply and sewerage, electrical and mechanical installations. Our references can be found on the website of the company "G-Treaty Engineering" Ltd.